Concrete hitting man in car ruled accident

Driver struck by concrete struggles to pay medical bills

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office said a softball-sized chunk of concrete that smashed through a man’s windshield probably was kicked up by another car. 

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Investigators said Thursday they determined that the chunk came from a broken-up section of road in the middle of northbound U.S. Highway 151 in Madison.

“What we believed happened was that another vehicle kicked up some of this broken concrete, which then propelled the chunk that went through the windshield and injured (the driver),” said Elise Schaffer, spokeswoman for the Dane County Sheriff’s Department.

Kevin Droz, 50, of Fall River, was seriously injured Tuesday evening when the concrete crashed through the windshield of his Pontiac Grand Prix and hit his head as he drove north on Interstate 39/90.

“One of the things (investigators) were able to do was determine Mr. Droz had pulled over and stopped on the highway after this incident. So once they were able to establish where he stopped, they were able to backtrack and locate exactly the area on the highway that was damaged,” Schaffer said.

The Department of Transportation already has repaired the area.

VIDEO: Concrete hitting man in car ruled accident

Droz drove himself to a Columbus hospital but was later taken by Med Flight helicopter to the University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison. He is currently listed in fair condition, according to authorities.