Complaint details alleged events leading up to, during January officer-involved shooting

MADISON, Wis. — A man accused of identity theft and armed robbery shot at police multiple times as they tried to arrest him in January, a criminal complaint filed with the Dane County Circuit Court alleges.

Syngleton J. Smith-Harston, 24, of Madison is charged with two counts of armed robbery, possession of a firearm by a felon, identity theft, six counts of felony bail jumping, and two counts of attempted first-degree intentional homicide.

The bail jumping and identity theft charges carry a repeater designation. The armed robbery and possession of firearm charges carry double-repeater designations.

Smith-Harston allegedly worked with a second man, Cameron X. Smith, 23, of Madison, in multiple armed robberies. Smith is charged with two counts of armed robbery and two counts of possession of a firearm by a felon. All of his charges carry double-repeater designations.

The complaint filed in Dane County court details the investigations into several crimes allegedly involving Smith-Harston, including a detailed description of what police say happened when an officer shot at him while police tried to make the arrest.

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Alleged Green Cab Robbery

According to the complaint, Smith and Smith-Harston booked a Green Cab under the name Marcus F. Anderson on January 9 just before 4 a.m and asked to be taken to 1810 Northport Drive. During the ride, the driver reportedly heard the sound of a handgun cocking from the back seat. One of the men then allegedly pushed a gun into the driver’s lower back and made him drive to Spenser Lane just off of Thackeray Road.

Once the car was parked, the man with the gun allegedly told the driver to give up all the money in his wallet, which amounted to $40. Smith and Smith-Harston were apparently displeased and ordered the driver to give them his cell phone and the rest of his wallet.

Video surveillance footage from the cab reportedly shows one of the men pointing a gun with a two-toned color style at the driver and demanding money. He then appears to demand the driver hand over his phone.

The driver later reported that a credit card that was stolen during the incident was used to make unauthorized purchases. The complaint alleges that Smith-Harston used the card at a Capitol Petro Mobil station on North Sherman Avenue on January 9 at around 10 a.m. He was reportedly caught on camera using the card.

Alleged Mobil Gas Station Robbery

The complaint also alleges that on January 10 just before 10:30 p.m., Smith entered the Capitol Petro Mobil station on North Sherman Avenue. Video surveillance reportedly shows him approaching the checkout area with a bottle of blue Gatorade, which he placed on the counter.

As the cashier scanned the drink, Smith allegedly pulled out a gun with a two-tone color style and pointed it at him. The cashier told police that Smith demanded he hand over the money in the till. Smith allegedly reached over the counter and took about $200 from the till and $600 from underneath the till.

According to the complaint, video surveillance shows Smith-Harston standing outside. The complaint alleges that he was working as a lookout.

Attempted Arrest and Officer Shooting Details

Madison Police officers went to 1810 Northport Drive on January 11, after evidence showed that Smith and Smith-Harston would be there. Officers arrested Smith without issue, however, Smith-Harston allegedly refused to surrender.

As officers approached him, Smith-Harston allegedly jumped from a second-story balcony to the ground in the apartment complex’s playground area. He then began running up a hill towards Dryden Drive and Browning Road.

An officer and K9 began chasing Smith-Harston, and the officer commanded him to stop. As the officer got closer, Smith-Harston allegedly pointed a gun directly at her and shot at her several times. The officer returned fire and Smith-Harston tripped, but allegedly continued to shoot at officers even after he fell to the ground.

Speaking to reporters in January, Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes said that a suspect had been shot “multiple times” during the incident and that person was hospitalized. However, the criminal complaint does not state that Smith-Harston was shot or injured during his arrest.

Smith-Harston was eventually arrested in the courtyard of 1810 Northport Drive. According to the complaint, a gun taken from him at the scene matched the description of the gun used in the gas station and Green Cab robberies, with a unique two-toned color style.

During an initial appearance on February 11, the Court entered Not Guilty pleas to any misdemeanor counts for Smith-Harston. His cash bond was set at $60,000. The court also entered Not Guilty pleas to any misdemeanor counts for Smith. His cash bond was set at $35,000.