Community Shares of Wisconsin is soliciting new members

Qualified non-profits are encouraged to apply
Community Shares of Wisconsin is soliciting new members

Maybe it’s just but it seems as if the role of non-profits – if not their image – has changed in the last ten years. Non-profits, and those organizations that support them, have become more than just service providers. They have become major employers, more business-like in their operations, more entrepreneurial. That is a good thing because they’ve also become more efficient and more effective.

Community Shares of Wisconsin is a great example.

Like the United Way, by which they are often over-shadowed, Community Shares helps build community by raising funds and offering technical and other types of assistance to non-profits. They then contribute to the community’s economic strength as well as its social values.

Community Shares of Wisconsin is soliciting new member groups, and that doesn’t happen very often. Community Shares has 60 members currently, but it is adding new groups that meet the criteria of 501(c)3 nonprofit status and a demonstrated commitment to advancing social change, challenging injustices and raising community awareness. The deadline to apply is August 1 and applications are available at

We support Community Shares, and thought you might like know about this opportunity.