Community donates $11K to zoo on Giving Tuesday

Funds will bring grizzly bears, Somali wild asses, red pandas to Madison
Community donates $11K to zoo on Giving Tuesday
Lum, one of the red pandas currently at the Henry Vilas Zoo

The community donated over $11,000 to the Henry Vilas Zoo on Giving Tuesday, which means the zoo will be able to bring three new animals to the zoo, according to a release.

Grizzly bears, Somali wild asses and red pandas will be coming to the zoo this coming year, officials said.

The two new red pandas will be paired with the zoo’s current two red pandas, according to the release. Somali wild asses are critically endangered, so their new safe home at the Henry Vilas Zoo will be one crucial part of the worldwide effort to save the species.

The grizzly bear sisters coming to the zoo were orphaned in the wild, officials said.

Zoo officials thanked the community for its support on Giving Tuesday that will help bring the animals to Madison.