Common Cause calls out State Senator so she cancels campaign fundraiser

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   The last few days of budget deliberation are always dangerous times for citizens as lawmakers, typically from the majority party, try to rush through as much legislation sought by their campaign contributors as they possibly can. The risk of mischief is highest right now as we’ve seen by last minute changes in Family Care, use of city room tax collections, teachers licensing and more in just the last 24 hours. Which is why it is so tempting, and so very wrong, for lawmakers to hold fund raisers during this time. Yet both parties do it.

   But most expect to do it out of the public eye, which is why it is so nice to see Common Cause get Republican State Senator Alberta Darling to cancel her campaign fundraiser scheduled for this week. The government watchdog group simply shined the light of citizen awareness on the clear conflict of a $500-per-person party for lobbyists and other special interest purveyors. After Common Cause raised a stink, Sen. Darling cancelled the event saying it was “not a good idea,” to hold it. What a coincidence.