Comet NEOWISE continues to dazzle the night sky

Madison, WI — You’ve likely seen, or at least have heard about Comet NEOWISE by now. It’s was visible in the sky before sunrise back in early June, and recently has been spotted in the late evening sky for about the last week or so. Many have been able to capture incredible photos of the comet, which has been one of the better comets since Hale-Bopp in 1997.

Comet And Iss

Meteorologist Aaron White captured this photo just east of Mount Horeb Wednesday night. The photo was on a 20 second exposure to capture more light and make the comet more visible in the photo. Note the bright line in the photo as well. That’s the International Space Station making a flyby over North America!

Comet Neowise

If you haven’t seen the comet yet, you still have a chance! Although it’s visible now, the comet is getting further away from Earth and the Sun, so it’s getting dimmer with each passing night. Take a look to the northwest sky around 10PM or so, and you should be able to spot it below the Big Dipper. Make sure you are away from city lights, as that will make it harder to spot.