Colombian official warns against having sex during heat wave

An official in a Colombia city is warning residents against excessive physical activity during a heat wave that has impacted the area, according to United Press International.

Health official Julio Salas told a local radio station audience that residents should avoid having sex during the day to prevent dehydration.

Temperatures in the Caribbean city of Santa Marta have hovered in the mid-90s for much of the month. Salas told residents they should avoid sexual activity during the day when temperatures are at their highest.

“Avoid making love or having sex at times when the temperature is high, especially at noon, because this activity places physical demands on you and increases your heart rate,” Salas said, according to Colombia Reports.

UPI reported Salas said if people are going to have sex, it’s best to wait until the evening hours when temperatures decrease.

However, Salas said abstinence isn’t necessary if the A/C is working.

“If you have good air conditioning, there is no problem,” he said.