Climate change debate takes fascinating, disturbing turn

Politicians are useless on the issue
Climate change debate takes fascinating, disturbing turn

The climate change discussion took a fascinating if disturbing turn this week. A new report came out suggesting that in all likelihood dire consequences from global warming are inescapable. The best we can do right now according to the report is try to reduce the odds of catastrophic outcomes.

What makes this particular report so powerful is one of its lead supporters is Henry Paulson, former Treasury Secretary under President George W. Bush. The message is aimed directly at business leaders and it is this: climate change is going to cost a bundle. Production will decrease, jobs will be lost, energy costs will rise and the price of rebuilding our flooded and storm damaged cities will be astronomical.

Paulson’s report, and his recommendation for a carbon tax as part of the solution, is also supported by folks like former Secretary of State George Schultz and former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, suggesting that once one distances oneself from the destructive, willful ignorance of politics and the goofy charade of talk radio issues of global importance gain a little clarity.

Maybe this nation’s more thoughtful business leaders can lead us to a brighter future. Because it looks like no one else will.