Civil trial specialist weighs in on possible $2.8 million lawsuit against city of Madison

The family of a boy who was arrested by Madison police in June is threatening to sue the city of Madison for $2.8 million.

A video that surfaced online shows what some call an excessive use of force by Madison police officers. Last week, Police Chief Mike Koval released the findings of an internal investigation into the incident calling the use of force “objectionably reasonable.

The family of the boy feels differently. According to a report by Madison365, the boy’s mom said the incident likely caused permanent damage.

“When we talk about civil rights cases, or excessive use of force cases where the police are involved, it involves all of us,” civil trial specialist Bob Kasieta said.

Kasieta said the city is likely to reject the family’s claim.

“The law wants the police to be able to do their job. The law affords the police certain immunities,” Kasieta said.

While the family waits for a response from the city, Kasieta said he believes this case could be settled before without ever going to trial.

“Many times, cases will never even find their way to the courthouse,” he said. “They will be resolved before that. When they are filed, however, and there is a lawsuit, it’s often the case that they settle after the lawsuit is filed and a jury is ever empaneled.”

We contacted the City Attorney to respond to the pending lawsuit, but he was not available to comment.

Kasieta said he believes this case is drawing public interest because ​​​​​​, “Every time an officer takes an action to subdue a suspect, they’re acting on our behalf. So, these cases are really important because they do speak to how we as a society will permit our police officers to act, and that’s a vital concern.”

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