City, VA leaders hope to end veteran homelessness by 2015

23 new housing vouchers will help find rental units for homeless veterans
City, VA leaders hope to end veteran homelessness by 2015

Homeless veterans could have new housing options soon with city leaders and Veteran’s Administration officials setting a goal to end veteran homelessness in Madison by 2015.

City leaders said there is new assistance available in the form of 23 Section 8 housing vouchers.

Madison’s Community Development Authority and Veterans Administration are working with about 110 homeless veterans, officials said.

“We have to get our veterans, as is the case with all homeless people, into permanent housing. If that is not done and we focus on programs that sustain life on the street we’re basically undermining our best efforts,” Soglin said.

The voucher program relies on private landlords to provide rental units.

“The city is pleased to partner, not only with the Veteran’s Administration but also local landlords to assist those who served our country,” Soglin said. “These are folks who at times fall through the cracks, and I am proud of our city’s collaborative efforts to assist them.”

Officials will work with Veterans Affairs to match vets with suitable homes.

“One veteran who is homeless is one too many,” Middleton VA Hospital Administrator Judy McKee said in the release. “It is important that we continue to expand our relationships with landlords in communities where Veterans wish to live. The more landlords that we are able to collaborate with to develop strong partnerships, the closer we get to our goal of ending homelessness among veterans.”