City orders downtown building home to Paisan’s to close again

Paisan's Restaurant

MADISON, Wis. — Madison’s building inspection office has ordered a downtown building to close for the second time in recent months in the wake of structural concerns.

The city announced Tuesday it was making the move because inspection and monitoring reports for the office building at 131 West Wilson Street, home to Paisan’s Italian Restaurant, were not being submitted as required.

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“City staff notified the building owner earlier this month that inspection and monitoring reports to certify the continued safety of the building were not being submitted,” the city said in a news release. “Building Inspection personnel have not received the required documentation regarding the ongoing monitoring, and as such the building is again being vacated.”

In September, the city closed the building due to structural concerns. It reopened in October after safety measures were put in place. Underground support columns were put in the parking garage as a temporary fix.

In a letter to the building’s owner dated December 6, the city wrote that it had not received documentation showing a temporary shoring system had been inspected as required. The letter also said the contractor told the city on December 1 inspections were being discontinued over a payment dispute.

That letter warned the owner the city would order the building to be vacated if the inspection information was not submitted by December 13.

City building inspectors previously blamed years of deferred maintenance for some of the issues.

The previous closure left Paisan’s and its co-owner Wally Borowski waiting for answers.