Christmas tree thief leaves note from ‘The Grinch’

Sheriff's Office: 19-year-old Readstown resident confessed to theft
Christmas tree thief leaves note from ‘The Grinch’
Community Christmas tree stolen in the Village of Readstown

A 19-year-old man confessed to stealing a community Christmas tree in the Village of Readstown, according to the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office.

The decorated Christmas tree was stolen in the early hours of Nov. 26. The Sheriff’s Office said the tree was sitting in a Village gazebo at the park in the business area of Readstown. The tree stand was also damaged.

The Sheriff’s Office said a note left at the scene of the theft stated, “The Grinch was here.”

Readstown resident Jerry Wilder, Jr., 19, admitted to stealing the Christmas tree during an interview with the Sheriff’s Office on December 5. Authorities said charges will be referred to the Vernon County District Attorney Office.