Chemicals found in Madison area well

Chemicals found in Madison area well

Madison Water Utility sent out a precautionary warning of contaminants found in drinking water stemming from two of its wells. They’ve tested all 22 of the wells several times and through sensitive tests, found the biggest area of concern came from well 15 on East Washington Avenue.

“The EPA doesn’t regulate preflourinated compounds in drinking water yet, but they do have kind of a health advisory goal that’s been set at about double what we’ve set at .07 parts per billion,” said Amy Barrilleaux, the public information officer at Madison Water Utility.

Well 15 was found with .037 parts per billion. You can see their test results here.

Barrilleaux thinks these compounds may trace back several years ago at the Truax air field or old landfills, and finally made their way back into the water you may be drinking today.

“It’s not an immediate concern, but it’s something that we are looking at,” she said.

She added this is nothing to be alarmed by for those in the affected area on this map:

Chemicals found in Madison area well

Although Barrilleaux says it’s nothing for consumers to be on high alert for, she did say she notified the DNR and the alder for district 15 in case citizens expressed their concerns or had questions.

“It’s three hundredths of a part of one billion parts which doesn’t mean it’s not harmful but it’s something that has to build up and up and up in one’s body and the water supply for it to be a substantial threat,” said David Ahrens, alder for district 15.

Barrilleaux said you don’t need to worry about continuing to drink water from this well. The EPA advisory level is meant to protect health over a lifetime of consumption. She added she will continue working with the DNR, the Truax air base and local landfills near the well to pinpoint where the contaminants derived from and how they can prevent the levels from increasing in the water.

“It’s hard because we want to be transparent and we want to talk to people about what’s happening with their water and we don’t want to concern people but we feel like people have a right to know,” she said.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, call Madison Water Utility at 608-266-4654.