Celebrate “Independents” Week, Buy local

What goes around, comes around
Celebrate “Independents” Week, Buy local

This is one of the weeks every year that we celebrate our local businesses and the positive impact they have on our community. What makes this week even more special this year is it marks Dane Buy Local’s 10 th anniversary.

Dane Buy Local is hosting the very first Dane Buy Local Independents Week celebration. That’s “independents,” get it?

The ides is independent businesses have a big impact on our communities. They’re run by our friends and neighbors and the money spent in them tends to stay in the community. These businesses also contribute…indeed, help create…the unique character of our community. They give us that “can’t get this just anywhere” quality. And that’s important.

Check out the danebuylocal.com website and visit local businesses for some of the special events and promotions they have planned. What goes around comes around, and Dane Buy Local is the perfect example.