Catholic Diocese of Madison announces assignment changes

Local parishes to see changes in priestly assignments
A church steeple

The Catholic Diocese of Madison announced changes in official assignments and retirements of local priests last week.

There are a total of five priests retiring, and as those vacancies are filled, other vacancies are created, causing a “domino effect” of changes, says Brent King, the director of communications for the Catholic Diocese of Madison.

According to King, when priests retire, they continue to live their priestly lives but are just not in active ministry.

Three of the priests with the longest tenures in the diocese are retiring, including the Rev. Monsignor Gerard Healy, Rev. Monsignor Michael Hippee and Rev. Ken Schmitt.

Healy is retiring from St. Ann Parish, in Stoughton, where he has been in active ministry for 24 years. The Rev. Randy Budnar will take a new assignment at St. Ann Parish.

Hippee is retiring from St. Bernard Parish, in Madison, where he has been in active ministry for 20 years. The Rev. Michael Radowicz will take a new assignment at St. Bernard.

Schmitt is retiring from St. Dennis Parish, in Madison, and the Rev. Randy Timmerman will be assigned to that parish.

The average tenure of pastors accepting new assignments is more than 10 years, says King.

The diocese will be ordaining three men Friday, and the new assignments will be effective Saturday, July 13, 2013.

All retirements and re-assignments can be found by clicking here.