Investigation? Review? President Joe Biden faces a messaging problem over classified documents

When Hillary Clinton was running for president, her campaign wanted a gentler way to talk about the criminal investigation into her private email server, so they called it a “security review.” Now, President Joe Biden's team is using similar language when talking about the discovery of classified documents on his watch. It's a rhetorical dance done for years by political figures.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says debt standoff risks 'calamity'

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Saturday that she expects Congress will ultimately vote to raise America's debt limit. But she says demands by House Republicans for spending cuts in return for backing an increase “a very irresponsible thing to do” and risk creating a “self-imposed calamity” for the global economy.

Dane Co. board rejects proposed jail referendum

People in Dane County will not have the opportunity to vote on a proposed reconsolidated and renovation project for the Dane County Jail after the county board rejected a proposal to add a referendum for the project to the April ballot.

Van Orden on his first two weeks in Congress

WEST SALEM, Wis. (WKBT) — 3rd Congressional District Representative Derrick Van Orden is now a member of three different House committees. During a visit at a farm in West Salem, the freshman congressman gave an update on his first couple weeks in Congress. The Republican was appointed to the Agriculture Committee, Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and Veterans’ Affairs Committees. Van…

Wisconsin Assembly puts bail amendment on April ballot

The Republican-controlled Wisconsin Assembly gave a final, bipartisan push Thursday to a proposed constitutional amendment that would make it harder for violent criminals to get out of jail on bail. The measure will now go before voters to be ratified in the statewide April 4 election. Its passage in the Assembly by a 74-23 vote marks the culmination of a push by Republican lawmakers to speed the amendment before voters. Democratic Gov. Tony Evers is unable to veto a constitutional amendment. Democratic lawmakers said they were concerned about the scope of the amendment, which lawmakers plan to clarify before April.

Dems: Remove Wisconsin election official for voting comments

Wisconsin Democrats are calling for the Republican leader of the state Senate to remove his appointee to the state's bipartisan election commission over comments he made about minority turnout in Milwaukee. Ten of the 11 Democratic members of the Senate signed onto a statement Wednesday asking Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu to rescind his appointment of Commissioner Robert Spindell, who publicly applauded GOP tactics in Milwaukee during the 2022 midterm that he credited with depressing turnout from Black and Hispanic voters. LeMahieu has declined to comment on the situation on several occasions in the week since Spindell's comments became public.

Bail reform amendment clears state Senate

MADISON, Wis. — A constitutional amendment that would change how bail is set in Wisconsin cleared one of the final hurdles before going to a referendum Tuesday, clearing…

Wisconsin judge dismisses complaint against GOP fake elector

A Wisconsin judge has dismissed an open records complaint against a Republican member of the Wisconsin Elections Commission who served as a fake elector for former President Donald Trump. Allegations that the elections commission violated the state open records law will go forward, but claims made against Commissioner Robert Spindell were dismissed Tuesday by a Dane County circuit judge. The judge ruled that the commission itself, not Spindell, is the legal authority that must maintain the records in question and therefore would be the target of any lawsuit seeking them.