Cat on the lam in JFK finally caught

Pepper the cat has been caught!

The fugitive feline, who roamed New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport for more than a week after escaping her crate while her owner checked in for a flight to China on April 20, was finally captured by Port Authority police early Saturday morning, ABC News reported.

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Port Authority officer Kameel Juman was assisted in bagging the 4-year-old tabby by her owner’s friend, Nuan Tang, who was able to coax Pepper out of hiding using her Mandarin name – Dai Meng – which roughly translates to “little dork,” the New York Daily News said.

After getting a hold of Pepper, Juman said he “grabbed some duct tape and sealed up the cat carrier.”

“We were not losing this cat again,” Juman told the Daily News.

While on the lam, Pepper was spotted frequently by passengers and police searching her, but the spry beast managed to evade her would-be captors.

“We couldn’t have done it without all the workers at the airport that spotted her through the week,” Juman said, then joking, “The pigeon population in the terminal declined when she was there.”

Tang will be taking care of Pepper until her relieved owner returns from China, ABC reported.