Cartoon shows Bush reunited with wife, daughter in heaven

According to a poignant editorial cartoon, President George H.W. Bush didn’t walk into heaven alone. He was received by his late wife and their young daughter, who were waiting for him.

The former president — who died Friday at 94 — and wife Barbara Bush had six children, but their daughter Robin died of leukemia when she was 3.

Late Friday the Clarion Ledger in Jackson, Mississippi, published the latest cartoon from Marshall Ramsey, a cartoonist for the newspaper.

It shows the 41st President disembarking from a plane he flew as a combat pilot in World War II and reuniting with Robin and Barbara, who tells him, “We waited for you.”

The image is a sequel of sorts. After Barbara Bush died earlier this year Ramsey published a moving cartoon of the first lady being welcomed at the gates of heaven by her young daughter.

It went viral, and now Ramsey’s done it again.

“Godspeed President Bush,” Ramsey wrote on Twitter, adding he considers the new cartoon “the bookend to the Barbara Bush cartoon from April.”

“Not every cartoon I drew about President Bush was flattering,” Ramsey said. “But the last one is.”