Cards make 16th birthday extra sweet for Cazenovia teen

Cards make 16th birthday extra sweet for Cazenovia teen

Sweet 16 is a special birthday for most teens, and for one Cazenovia teen, a surprise Saturday celebration that took months to plan had a very special meaning.

“If anyone deserves it, she does. She’s has been through a lot and the outpouring for everyone to make this come together it’s just unreal,” Nicia’s mom, Krisiti Rockweiler, said.

Rockweiler started a Facebook group in November asking friends and family members to send her daughter Nicica cards for her birthday. What she expected to be a couple hundred cards quickly turned into thousands. Cards have been coming in for months.

In total, 2,416 cards from 50 states and 20 countries reaching as far as Australia were sent to Cazenovia. Among the thousands of letters, came letters from President Barack Obama, the Chicago Bears football team and one from Nicia’s favorite reality TV show, “Dance Moms.”

“She deals from time to time with bullies and people that don’t understand and to have so many people show your child love it’s just really overwhelming,” Rockeweiler said.

Nicia has Noonan syndrome, a genetic disorder that sends her to the hospital multiple times a month. It also prevents her from driving, but Nicia doesn’t need a car to make this year’s birthday one to remember.

“I didn’t know how many people actually cared about me, so I’m actually really surprised,” Nicia said.

Before Nicia’s surprise party, she received a makeover and was fitted with a special dress for her birthday. Friends, family and community members came to celebrate her big day with her.

“She gets really down on herself and to feel special, I think that is really important, and the best thing I could’ve done for her was to make her feel special,” Rockweiler said.