Carbon monoxide leak evacuates Madison restaurant

A carbon monoxide leak prompted an evacuation Tuesday night of a downtown Madison restaurant, according to a news release.

The Madison Fire Department said a crew responded at 10:26 p.m. to Zandru’s Tapas Bar at 419 State Street on a report of a CO leak in the basement.

Everyone inside had already evacuated when firefighters arrived. MGE was also at the scene inspecting the gas water heaters and gas boilers that serve the business and the apartments above the restaurant, according to the news release.

Firefighters detected CO at 50 parts per million on the first floor, and 16 ppm on the second floor, the department said.

Permissible exposure limit for carbon monoxide is 50 ppm, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The fire crew placed a fan at the basement doorway to force the air and carbon monoxide out the rear service doors as MGE shut off the gas supply. All apartment windows were also opened.

Paramedics checked with restaurant workers and to make sure they were feeling OK. Everyone refused medical care and assessment, according to the report.

The manager of Zandru’s was told the restaurant will not be allowed to reopen until a licensed gas appliance technician makes repairs.

According to the Zandru’s Facebook page, the eatery opened in March.