Call for Action: How you can help our community fight back against crooked companies

MADISON, Wis. — Our Call for Action team here at News 3 Now is known for taking action for you when a company is trying to swindle you out of a service or some cash — and they’re making a big impact.

Despite the pandemic, they got back more than $200,000 for folks who called Call for Action in the last year. But they also need your help in the form of volunteers.

They’re a hard-working group of folks taking calls and e-mail submissions from viewers, then advocating on their behalf to get answers. We talked to one of our lead volunteers on News 3 Now This morning about why they got involved.

If you want to help our community and take action on their behalf, you can sign up to become a volunteer here at or call 1-800-647-1756.

All this week you can tune into News 3 Now This Morning as we share success stories from just a few of the hundreds of people we’ve helped.