Cafe Brittoli closing on Atwood Avenue; Monsoon Siam buys building

Neighborhood cafe known for its breakfast fare will be closing for good on Sept. 12.
Courtesy of Cafe Brittoli
Cafe Brittoli, 2326 Atwood Ave., will close on Sept. 12, 2022.

Cafe Brittoli, 2326 Atwood Ave., announced today in a social media post that the Italian-inspired cafe will close on Sept. 12, 2022, after five years in business.

The owners of Monsoon Siam have purchased the building, so Cafe Brittoli will not be able to renew its lease. Cafe Brittoli owner Conner DiPersio says he does not plan to reopen in a new location. “I’ll be taking some time off to reflect on my experience,” DiPersio says.

Cafe Brittoli was best known for its breakfast sandwiches, homemade focaccia and savory crepes. The cafe’s outdoor patio made for a tucked away urban oasis on Atwood Avenue. According to Cafe Brittoli’s Facebook announcement, the cafe will remain open with a full menu with new hours (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) until the Sept. 12 closing date.

The announcement also notes well wishes for the new Monsoon Siam owners. “We know that they will flourish in this spot, and they will have the support of this loving community behind them just as we have over these past years,” the farewell announcement reads.

Monsoon Siam plans to move from its current location (2045 Atwood Ave.) to 2326 Atwood Ave. The expected open date in the former Cafe Brittoli location will be before May 2023.

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