Burke says claims about jobs, outsourcing not true

Walker gives keynote address at Republican Governor Association meeting Thursday
Burke says claims about jobs, outsourcing not true
Mary Burke and Scott Walker

Mary Burke is trying to make her case that the claims made about her in recent campaign ads over jobs and outsourcing are not true.

Burke was at the Fairbanks Morse Engine Facility, in Beloit, campaigning Thursday.

She also spoke at the United Auto Workers Union retiree luncheon, telling supporters the state can do better.

“It’s lies, and unfortunately it’s what I would expect from a career politician who’s just trying to take the emphasis off his poor job record. Instead of running on his own record, he turns around and attacks me,” Burke said.

Burke continues to refute claims about outsourced jobs at her family’s company, Trek.

“We’re just making the case because we believe that up until now she’s largely been given a pass, and since that issue has barely been touched on by the media, we figured if the media isn’t going to provide that information to the public, then we were responsible for bringing up that information as well,” Gov. Scott Walker said.

Walker made those remarks to reporters in Madison Wednesday. He was in Colorado Thursday giving one of the keynote addresses at the Republican Governor Association meeting.

He will be campaigning back in Wisconsin on Friday.