Burger King’s new ad designed to open eyes on bullying

Burger King’s new ad designed to open eyes on bullying
Burger King via CNN
Burger King takes on bullying with a social experiment.

Burger King released a three-minute video to bring awareness to bullying during National Bullying Prevention Month, Patch.com reports.

The video features teenage actors bullying another teen actor to gauge what customers in the restaurant would do. The ad was filmed with secret cameras at a Los Angeles-area Burger King.

According to the video, 12 percent of people stood up and said something.

Later in the video, a cook beat up a burger, wrapped it up and gave it to customers.

Customer are seen bringing back the burger and complaining, some asking for a manager.

“Did you order it bullied, or unbullied?” an employee asked the customer of the beat-up burger. “Had you seen me bullying this burger, would have stood up and said something?” The customer responds, “Yeah.”

The video says 95 percent of customers reported the “bullied burger.”

In an email to Today.com, Burger King’s head of global brand management Fernando Machado said, “The campaign is a first step to try to make a difference. That’s why BK partnered with No Bully to create awareness.”