Building a Financial Roadmap

Investment plans and strategies that help achieve wealth goals and dreams.
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Peace of Mind

While 2020 has brought a lot of uncertainty to markets, Ameriprise Financial Services LLC is helping its clients build portfolios that weather ups and downs comfortably.

Brent Kimbel, a certified financial planner and private wealth advisor at Ameriprise’s Madison office, said that life does not always go as planned, as evidenced by recent events. However, having a solid plan in place, as well as a knowledgeable professional guiding you, can help you make sound decisions without emotions.

“That’s why we always have portfolios in place that will help cushion these big events, so whether the market is good or bad, sunshine or rain,  our clients can still comfortably and confidently reach their goals,” says Kimbel.

While Kimbel’s office is well-versed in handling clients with large investments, it can also help those who want to build  up wealth for future goals. Those goals can include creating college funds, paying off home mortgages and setting up a comfortable retirement fund.

“By creating your personal financial plan with us, we can help you grow your wealth and track you to the successful accomplishment of your individual goals,” Kimbel says.

Kimbel said he and his staff care deeply for the community they serve — a concern that takes the form of volunteer work for Second Harvest Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity and Toys for Tots, among other worthy causes. That social conscience extends to their investing style as well.

“This means the investments we use help support organizations that are helping our environment, helping our communities and lifting people up,” says Kimbel. “This is very important to us and our clients. We’ve had this principle in place ever since I started this business over 25 years ago.”

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Envisioning Your Future

At Summit Credit Union, wealth management is about building confidence, not just increasing assets. With Summit, members have a valuable resource they can depend on for all their wealth management and financial planning needs.

Through ongoing training in insurance, investment, and wealth management, the Summit Financial Advisors team offers knowledge, experience, and a professional resource. Summit Credit Union staff can also meet any banking or loan needs members may have.

Regardless of what stage you’re at in life or where you are financially, Summit Financial Advisors are committed to educating, adding value, and putting the member’s goals first when they need investment, insurance, or retirement guidance.

Summit Financial Advisors’ approach to wealth management focuses on two parts: first, having a clear understanding of each member’s dreams, fears, and vision for the future; and second, identifying the tools, tactics, and strategies to help achieve those objectives. “By understanding the member’s goals, we can prioritize and offer simple, easy-to-understand strategies to create a financial roadmap,” says Summit Credit Union Financial Advisor Mark Gernetzke.

Members meet with an advisor at least once a year to review progress, discuss any changes, and make sure things are moving in the right direction. “Financial planning and wealth management is not  a one-time event,” Gernetzke says. “Personal circumstances, people, and the economy will change so it’s important we’re prepared and are an active, committed partner.”

Gernetzke recommends expecting a little disruption from time to time. “There is no such thing as the perfect portfolio or investment strategy,” he explains. “Having control of your personal finance is just as important as having a diversified investment portfolio. That’s why, in addition to having a clear investment and insurance plan, we help members focus on what they can control: having an emergency fund to guard against life’s curveballs, spending less than they make, and not being extremely leveraged by debt. Members can feel confident we are focused on their future and will be a valued partner.”

Members trust Summit Credit Union with their finances, Gernetzke says, because Summit helps turn wishing, waiting, and wondering into planning, doing, and experiencing. Summit offers the basic products members want, like checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and loans, and then goes one step further by making financial guidance, education, tools, one-on-one coaching, and innovative programs to empower members on their financial journey available through the Summit Financial Advisors program.

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