Buffalo herd at large in Juneau County, police say

The public should continue to be cautious of more than 100 buffalo that were on the loose in Juneau County since Thursday, officials said.

The Juneau County Sheriff’s Office said Friday that a herd of about 120 buffalo were on private property but not yet in a fenced area, and people should continue to stay away from the animals.

Mauston police posted an alert Thursday night the buffalo at large in the area. Officials said the herd of buffalo was in the Union Center, Wonewoc and Elroy areas.

The buffalo were not contained, which creates concern for the public because buffalo tend to herd and stampede, according to a Facebook post.

“Do not attempt to chase the animals if you come upon them,” the post said.

Police said efforts were being taken Thursday night to contain the buffalo, but it might take some time.

Juneau County and Vernon County sheriff’s offices met with the animals’ caretakers Friday morning, according to a news release. The caretakers were making arrangements to get the buffalo back in their fenced areas, but the public was advised to continue to use caution when traveling in the area.