Browntown teenager recovering from brain tumor nearly one decade after traumatic brain injury

BROWNTOWN, Wis. — One Browntown teenager has a long road to recovery ahead of her after doctors diagnosed and removed a brain tumor from the left temporal lobe of her brain earlier this month.

However, her story starts almost a decade ago.

At five-years-old, Ashlyn Stricker spent days in a coma, weeks in the hospital, and months in physical and occupational therapy, recovering from a tractor accident that almost took her life.

“It happened so fast. She had fallen off and had gotten a traumatic brain injury by hitting the pavement,” Bobbi Stricker, her mother, said.

Today, Ashlyn Stricker is 14-years-old, and recovering from another brain injury.

“Nine years and one day from her accident, we found out she had a brain tumor in the left temporal lobe,” Bobbi Stricker said.

Doctors at UW Children’s Hospital were able to remove the entire tumor earlier this month, according to Bobbi Stricker.

Ashlyn’s support system at home, her parents Chad and Bobbi Stricker and her sister Emma Stricker, work around the clock to take care of her.

“Making sure she’s taking her meds, making sure she’s eating, drinking and sleeping,” Bobbi Stricker said.

The back-and-forth between Browntown and Madison is not only hard, but also expensive.

“I couldn’t tell you how far in debt we are at the moment, for the previous medical bills, let alone the new ones,” Bobbi Stricker said.

It’s going to take more than days, weeks and months for this family to heal, but they’re not alone. The community is hosting local fundraisers and even started a GoFund Me page to help pay for the expenses.

“It’s amazing. The whole community of Monroe was behind us, and Martintown and Browntown. Just a network of people,” Bobbi Stricker said.

May is brain tumor awareness month.

Donations to the family can be made on the GoFund Me page.