Brown Paws Rescue asks for used election yard signs to remake into lost dogs signs

VERONA, Wis. — Brown Paws Rescue is collecting used election yard signs this year to transform into lost dog signs.

Becky Brown founded Brown Paws Rescue in 2016, inspired by what she described as the homeless of epidemic. After seeing yards filled with election signs this year, she thought of a way to reuse them while helping lost animals.

“We’re thinking rescues can use this stuff ’cause we can do a lost dog poster, if we have events we cant use them for events…it’s just a good way to recycle them…so if you have extra ones we can definitely use them,” said Brown.

Each animal sighting allows Brown to pin a location on a map. She said this eventually helps her locate the animal based on their wandering patterns.

Brown asked that people who do see a lost animal so not approach, chase or call it. Instead, each sign provides a number to call below the photo, directed to Brown or the foster family.

People can bring their election signs directly to Brown Paws Rescue at 525 commerce parkway in Verona.