Brooks, Shelton team up for country summer anthem ‘Dive Bar’

Turn it up!

Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton have just released a duet, “Dive Bar,” and it’s summer gold. It’s also kind of a big deal because it’s the first time in 18 years that Brooks has teamed up with anyone on a song — not since “Beer Run” with George Jones in 2001.

The new song, co-written by Brooks, Mitch Rossell and Bryan Kennedy, features catchy lyrics, “We’re gonna spend the weekend in the deep end of a dive bar.” It feels reminiscent of earlier Brooks hits such as “Two Piña Coladas” and “Friends in Low Places.”

And it turns out the collaboration was all Brooks’ idea.

“I was watching the ACMs this year, and there was one performance that really hit me hard: Blake Shelton’s ‘God’s Country.’ I thought, ‘I’m feeling something here that’s drawing me right into this television.’ So I just reached out for him,” Brooks told Billboard.

“He was so sweet on the phone. The last thing I said was, ‘Hey, man, I don’t want to put you on the spot, but we got a song that might be a pretty cool duet.’ “

The two are expected to perform the song together for the first time before an audience at Brooks’ July 19 show in Boise, Idaho.