Darrell Brooks removed from court twice before opening statements in Waukesha parade trial

WAUKESHA, Wis. — Waukesha parade suspect Darrell Brooks was removed from the courtroom by Judge Jennifer Dorow twice before opening statements began in his trial Thursday.

Dorow was attempting to get through procedural notes before the jury was called into the courtroom when she made the decision to remove Brooks minutes into the proceeding, as she has done in the days leading up to the trial during the jury selection process.

Brooks, who is defending himself in the case, was still be allowed to participate in the trial virtually but had to have his microphone muted when it was not his turn to speak.

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Brooks appeared wearing orange jail clothing in the courtroom, rather than the suit the court had provided him during the jury selection process. Dorow was attempting to note that fact for the record and was urging Brooks to return to his cell and change before the jury was called into the room so he did not appear to be in custody for the trial, to which Brooks refused.

“Who doesn’t know that I’m in custody?” Brooks asked Dorow.

Brooks was going to be allowed to remain in jail clothes for the trial, but continued to interrupt Dorow before he was ultimately removed before jury instructions began Thursday morning.

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Once he was put into another room, the video feed showed Brooks taking his shirt off while continuing to yell and gesture, but no audio coming through the feed because his microphone as muted.

Darrell Brooks trial

Eventually, Brooks put his shirt back on while holding up a sign reading “OBJECTION” which was provided to him by the court to indicate he was filing an objection while his microphone was muted. He later tucked the sign into his pants instead of holding it up while facing the camera and taking notes.

Despite Brooks’ actions Thursday morning, prosecutors argued they still believe Brooks is mentally stable and fit to stand trial, based on court documents he’s filed and the phone calls he has made from jail, which have all been recorded.

“Anyone who doubts his competency has no involvement in this case,” they said. “These actions are deliberate and intentional and they have escalated.”

Brooks’ behavior appeared to change as Dorow went through jury instructions, and he was allowed to return to the main courtroom after court went into recess for lunch. After an argument with Dorow as the jury was filing into the courtroom following the lunch break, Brooks remained silent as Dorow completed the jury instructions, reading through each of the 83 charges filed against him.

But Brooks again was argumentative after the jury left the room for a break before opening statements as Dorow rejected several of the motions and requests he had filed, leading to the judge sending Brooks away to the adjacent room for a second time before the jury returned to hear opening statements.

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