Brittingham Boats expects another busy season

MADISON, Wis. — Brittingham Boats had a busy season in 2020 and they are expecting more of the same this summer with people getting outside and temperatures heating up.

Last summer the park cancelled events and camps due to COVID. But, boat staff say it was the year they had more boats go out than they’ve ever seen before.

We’ve been busier every year since we’ve opened so we’re really hoping that trend continues,” said general manager Stephan Reinke. “I think with everyone wanting to be outside and seeing each other were gonna be in for a really busy summer.”

Brittingham boats offers paddle boards, canoes, kayaks, singles and tandems for people to rent. They also have sit on top ocean kayaks and recently got new paddle boats.

Staff like Elissa Mitchell say it’s the perfect way to spend your summer.

“This has been a lot of fun and we have so much more fun in store for the rest of the summer,” said Mitchell. “Were hoping to bring some of our events back and get more groups out here and just send people out on the water”

The park is welcoming kids back for camp starting next week. They say they’re excited to have groups and events return this summer.


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“It’s really good seeing people happy, playing and getting together again and learning that being outside is one of the safest places to be. Everything else seems to change but that’s been pretty steady so were happy to be that access point,” said Reinke. 

Brittingham Boats opened in mid May, and since then more people have been getting on the water.

“Really busy, getting boats out everyday but its neat to see people get back together again,” said Reinke. 

During the offseason, staff complied a list of the top 10 places to paddle in Madison. You can find that list and other boating rentals and activities on their website.