Britney Spears check in with fans on Instagram

“All is well,” and Britney Spears will be back soon. That’s what the singer told her fans Tuesday night.

The pop star icon went on Instagram to address rumors that have circulated on social media in the past weeks and let her social media followers know she is doing “what’s best at the moment” and that she needs a “little bit of privacy to deal with all the hard things that life is throwing my way.”

“My family has been going through a lot of stress and anxiety lately so I just needed time to deal,” she said. On her caption, Spears added, “You may not know this about me, but I am strong, and stand up for what I want!”

Earlier this month, People magazine reported the star had checked into a facility to seek “all-encompassing wellness treatment.” At the time, Spears posted a photo about self-care on Instagram with the caption, “We all need to take time for a little “me time.”

In January, the “Circus” singer also stepped back from her “Domination” residency in Las Vegas because of her father’s health issues, who, she wrote, was hospitalized and “almost died.”

In a press release, her reps said Spears’ father was hospitalized due to his colon “spontaneously” rupturing and remained in the hospital for 28 days.

“We’re all so grateful that he came out of it alive, but he still has a long road ahead of him,” Spears wrote back then. “I had to make the difficult decision to put my full focus and energy on my family at this time. I hope you all can understand.”

CNN’s Lisa Respers France contributed to this report.