Brilliant Violinist Ida Jo Recording Two New Major Projects

Brilliant Violinist Ida Jo Recording Two New Major Projects
Ida Jo and Scott Lamps are two of three members of the local folk/pop group Bello. Lamps will appear on Jo's new solo album 'Currents.'

Local singer/songwriter/violinist Ida Jo is keeping herself very productive. She’s in the midst of recording a new solo album, Currents. She’s funding it through Kickstarter, and there are still a few days left to contribute. You can also sign up to receive a dual bonus.

Ida Jo is also a member of Bello, an excellent folk/pop trio that recorded their debut album in 2012 (read the review here). The band includes noted musician/producer Scott Lamps, one of the city’s most brilliant (and unnoticed) talents. Bello also includes Mike Droho, another local music giant in the pop realm who first had success, along with Lamps, in the Profit$. The three make beautiful music (Bello is Italian for beautiful) by featuring luscious three-part harmonies. By signing up at Kickstarter you can receive a copy of both the solo album from Ida Jo and the new Bello recording. Of course, there are lots of other goodies you can get depending on your level of support.

Lamps is also a mainstay in Ida Jo’s performing act and is sure to feature prominently on the new solo album as well. This will be her fifth full-length recording and all are available at her website.

Ida Jo has won a slew of Madison Area Music Awards and also appeared at that event as well as several fundraisers over the years. Here’s a short bio from her site:

Ida Jo is a singer, violinist, writer and yogini. Touring extensively, she has performed on three continents and at festivals such as SXSW. On violin, Ida Jo employs a seldom heard technique that is the combination of a folk fiddle style called “chopping” and her extensive classical training. She makes her home in Madison, WI and was named 2013 WAMI Female Vocalist of the Year. She was also named 2013 MAMA Folk/Americana Performer of the Year. Using her music to promote wellness, she has been published in the Huffington Post and has presented at TEDx Madison.

You can catch Ida Jo live May 10 at the Capital Theater as part of the Big Top Chautauqua/Tent Show Radio Live.