Breakfast on the Farm event missing staple ingredient due to avian flu

Breakfast on the Farm event missing staple ingredient due to avian flu

For 37 years, Dane County’s annual Breakfast on the Farm event has drawn thousands of people hungry for fresh food right off Wisconsin farms, but this year one traditional food item will be missing from the most important meal of the day: eggs.

Stan Hellenbrand, owner of Kick A Boo Farms, knows what it takes to make a farm successful. He was born into his family’s farm business and has been working for more than four decades to continue his father’s success

“It’s just a good feeling that people are going to come out and enjoy what you’ve worked hard for,” said Hellenbrand. “If you can work hard and help other people enjoy stuff too, I think that’s part of life.”

It’s a part of life that Hellenbrand will get to share with 6,000 people in June while hosting Breakfast on the Farm, but with 10 reported cases of avian flu in Wisconsin, this year’s menu will be egg-less.

“With the avian flu that’s arisen and the problems, we have decided to serve just pancakes this year,” said Kristin Olson of the Dane County Dairy Committee.

Not wanting to take any chances and only a month away from this year’s event, Dane County dairy promotions had to quickly find  a solution. 

So, keeping in line with serving a breakfast fresh from the farm, pancakes, sausage, yogurt and cheese will still be on the menu.

“People can come out, not only are they enjoying farm fresh breakfast with all kinds of wonderful products but they are also learning in a hands-on way all that Wisconsin dairy has to offer,” said Olson.

Although he didn’t have to worry about avian flu in his fields, Hellenbrand says he feels for his fellow farmers.

“It’s terrible to have something like that happen but it also shows people that we need all size farms. We can’t make it go on just small farms. If you take some of the large farms out, people are going to go hungry in this country,” he said.

Breakfast on the Farm will take place June 13 from 7 a.m. to 11:30 am. Tickets are $7 for children 12 and up.