Boy rings ceremonial bell after 869 day cancer battle

Bell ringing
Photo provided by CNN.

At age 12, Chris Bini has fought a battle few kids, even adults, may ever face. He was diagnosed with stage three lymphoblastic lymphoma at age 10.

“I’m just glad all the nurses and doctors were very kind to me and they were one of the biggest parts to help me through this,” said Chris.

His diagnosis meant spending many days at a time in the hospital and many drugs.

“We counted about 13 different chemotherapy drugs, 21 lumbar puncture infusions, 109 outpatient chemotherapy visits, a couple hundred chemo injections,” Kelly Bini, Chris’ mom said.

The last seven months of his fight were during the COVID-19 pandemic. Chris’ weakened immune system due to the cancer treatment made it that much more challenging.

“We’ve been quarantined for about two and a half years it seems so to deal with the pandemic, it’s a big deal, but for us you know it’s kinda, it was just sort of a day of life for us,” said Philip Bini, Chris’ dad.

Chris’ 869 days of battling cancer led to a special moment Thursday afternoon. A small group of friends and family met at the Bini’s home in O’Fallon to celebrate him being cancer free. Instead of ringing the ceremonial bell at the hospital, Chris rang it right on his back porch.

Over 200 people from six continents around the world watched him ring the bell over zoom, including doctors and nurses who treated Chris in St. Louis.

Chris’ twin brother, Nathan, one of Chris’ biggest cheerleaders, stood by his side as he rang the bell.

“He isn’t just Chris Bini. He’s a strong Chris Bini and nothing can stop him,” said Nathan.

Nathan said his brother taught him a valuable lesson.

“Never give up. Have the courage to do anything in life, you have the courage and strength to do anything,” said Nathan.

Chris will still need to make monthly visits to Children’s Hospital for monitoring and lab work.