Bobcat stowaway found on boat

Bobcat stowaway found on boat
WPXI, Chief Mate Aaron Snider, Humane Animal Rescue Wildlife Center via CNN

A bobcat found stowed away on a sightseeing boat in Pittsburgh has been captured and released into the wild, WPXI reported.

“My crew called me and said, ‘We’ve got a bobcat on the Empress this morning.’ I said, ‘What?!'” Terry Wirginis, president and owner of the Gateway Clipper fleet, told WPXI.

After making its way to the third deck on the boat, the 18-pound male animal was captured by officials. They found the bobcat wedged behind a sign.

“Not sure if he was looking to figure out a way to get across the river or something along those lines,” Pennsylvania game warden Dan Puhala told WPXI. “They’re not very happy to see people. They really don’t want much to do with you and that cat couldn’t get away from me fast enough.

The bobcat was captured about an hour before hundreds of people boarded the boat, WPXI reported. He was released after spending the night at a wildlife rescue center.