BLOG: Our best video picks of the week

From a 'Breaking Bad' spoof to an animated giraffe kick to the head

We have scoured the internet for the most memorable videos of the week so you don’t have to!  We have to admit though, we do look for videos that also have ties to Wisconsin.  Not all of them do, but we try to add them in there.

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1. The Emmy Awards will air on Monday, August 25th.  CBS’s Stephen Colbert will also be a presenter.  But to hype up the show, there’s a ‘Breaking Bad’ spoof — and fans will want to watch til the end!

BLOG: Barely Legal Pawn, feat. Bryan Cranson, Aaron Paul and Julia Louis Dreyfus

2.  A California got kicked in the head by a giraffe after making her way through a fence at the Henry Vilas Zoo.  She was lucky she wasn’t more injured, but the news did make headlines across the globe.  And TomoNews even created an animated re-enactment of the ordeal:

YOUTUBE: Animated re-enactment of Madison news story

3. A Wisconsin daredevil could face up to nine months in jail and a $10,000 fine for bungee jumping off a 140-foot crane.  But, he did get it on tape:

Police: Man bungee jumped off crane

4.  Ice Bucket Challenge Fails.  (Enough said)

5. WISCers taste test Lays Cappuccino and Wasabi Ginger chips