Blog: Gadget Girl gift for you

Blog: Gadget Girl gift for you
Michelle Li

I test out a lot of things for News 3.  Just last week we showed off a pet camera, a jetpack and more… and because of it, I have a lot of extra things under my desk at work. Oh yeah, and sometimes I get called the Gadget Girl just for fun (It’s a spin on Steve Van Dinter‘s Gadget Guy segments but I am no where near SVD’s gadget wisdom.)

Recently, I received a Blingsting, which is “super-sparkly safety stuff” according to its website.

I have always felt a little safer carrying around pepper spray but one time I accidentally took it to the airport and it got taken away. Then, I bought a replacement and it magically fell off my keychain.  So, now I’m all about the Blingsting.

Long story short, they sent two to me.  And though I could keep it and re-gift it… or give it to one of my co-workers, I want to send it to someone in need.

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In being transparent, **It’s not a contest** — I don’t want people to come at me saying I did something weird.  You can just call it a gift.  Basically, if you tweet me and say you want it (or FB me) then I’ll put your name in a hat and draw by the end of the week.  If it becomes an issue, then I won’t do it anymore… but I really just want to be nice!

Hopefully you’ll never have to use pepper spray, but I know it was nice to have when I lived in downtown Madison and had to walk home at 2 a.m. by myself!