BLOG: Fridays and Frozen Assets

We are about to party (baby shower style)
BLOG:  Fridays and Frozen Assets
This pic was taken at the Frozen Assets party to help raise funds for the Clean Lakes Alliance.  2014

This weekend, we are going to party, party, party.  That is… we are partying baby- shower-style.

Our social media editor, Jen Ayres, is getting ready to have her first baby.  It’s a newsboy!  So, all the girls in the newsroom are prepping for their best egg bakes and pastries… pulling out the most fun baby shower games and what not.

Do you have any good baby shower ideas?  Or brunch recipes?  Send them to  If we use one of your ideas, we’ll share it!

On a second thought, if you really want to party, party, party, it’s worth splurging for a babysitter to go to the Frozen Assets event.  We recently went for work and had a blast shaking our groove thangs on the Snow Train. 

More pics

If you’ve never been, the party is usually themed (this year it was 70s funk), and it raises money for the Clean Lakes Alliance.  This year we boogied down in our best polyester jackets, thanks to the good deals at St. Vinnie’s

Anyway, all this talk of partying has worn me out.  Party on, Garth.