Blind cow’s best bovine friend helps him around pasture

Blind cow’s best bovine friend helps him around pasture

Ollie the cow was born blind and mostly deaf about 10 years ago. His mother abandoned him, but now he’s anything but alone.

When he gets lost in the pasture, his best cow friend, Sunny, isn’t far behind him.

Sunny’s mom, a Jersey cow named Ms. Clower, was actually Ollie’s original helper cow, WTEN reported. They were inseparable.

After Ms. Clover had Sunny, the female calf quickly took on the job of guide cow for Ollie.

The cows’ adorable friendship hit a rough patch when Ms. Clover passed away and the farm they called home was sold.

A New York animal sanctuary took them in, WTEN reported.

“I couldn’t say no,” Tracy Muscatello, the owner of HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary in Buskirk, told WTEN.

The cows will live out their days at the sanctuary.

Muscatello said seeing the cows’ friendship was a first for her. She said that when Ollie needs help, he moos and Sunny dutifully trots over to him.

“She never fails him,” Muscatello told WTEN. “She truly is his seeing eye cow.”