Biotech Boot Camp hosts ultimate science class for kids

Biotech Boot Camp hosts ultimate science class for kids

For the last six years Dr. Thomas Tubon has worked as an instructor in the biotechnology lab at Madison College preparing college students for careers. This week he is in the same biotechnology lab, but he is working with middle school students in what is called the Biotech Boot Camp.

“At the end of the boot camp I’d like for them to take away a sense that they can do this,” Tubon said.

The students, who range in age from 11 to 15, spend five days working in the stem cell lab studying plant and animal cells in a hands-on environment.

“I really like it because you actually get to experience what it would be like to work in a lab and it is not just learning information and listening to lectures like you do in school. It is hands-on and you actually get to do something,” 15-year-old Natalie Asnus said.

The program is not designed to push students toward biotechnology as a career, but instead gives them a chance to discover what it’s about and make decisions on their own.

“I think it is about giving them the opportunity and the choice to make those decisions on their own,” Tubon said.

The Biotech Boot Camp is one of several discovery camps offered by Madison College for students between ages 11 and 15. They also offer programs for script writing, video storytelling, moving making, sports journalism, neuroscience and health care occupations. For more information you can visit the Madison College website.