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JR Ross is the editor of WisPolitics.com. Ross writes a monthly column for Madison Magazine where he explores topics in Wisconsin state politics.


Are we really missing the ‘drama’ of an in-person convention anyway?

Other than a memorable run-in with Don King and Rudy Giuliani at a past convention, WisPolitics.com Editor JR Ross won't miss much about an in-person event as the DNC goes digital this year.

Who will draw the lines on the Wisconsin political map?

The courts could step in to draw district boundaries if — or when — the governor and Legislature fail to agree on the political map.

Eliminating the Electoral College would upend presidential politics in Wisconsin

Should the popular vote rule?

Ticket splitters: Some Wisconsin voters may cross party lines in this year’s elections

The intensity of feelings about Trump will likely be what drives some to the polls this fall

Supreme stakes: what voter turnout in the state Supreme Court race could mean in the 2023 race

The upcoming election is a must-win if they want a shot at pulling it off in 2023.

Wisconsin’s swing state of mind in the upcoming presidential election

The 2020 presidential election will be about Wisconsin.