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Love it or hate it, sauerkraut has found its sweet spot

Sauerkraut has long been a standard Wisconsin condiment, but it’s trending now as a fermented health food.

Henry Doane pushes forward at Tempest Oyster Bar and Tornado Room Steak House

Henry Doane always felt more comfortable in the kitchen than in the dining room.

Eggnog is a seasonal favorite bringing yuletide cheer

December is the time to sip and savor a seasonal favorite, eggnog.

With Wisconsin’s love of cheese, it’s no wonder this food craze caught on

There are few things Americans adore more than melted cheese

The hole truth about doughnuts

We consume 10 billion doughnuts a year in the U.S.

Wisconsin Saturday nights are all about prime rib

You can still get the specialty delivered to your door.

Dan Curd: the making of a food snob

From a young age, I’ve learned the difference between eating and dining.

Eating through the pandemic

In these times of self-isolation, I have turned to comfort food.

Bourbon: the spirit of America

The Bluegrass State may have started distilling bourbon, but Madison distilleries have created top-notch varieties.

Going out to brunch

One can enjoy brunch at home (and many people do), but it can be a great excuse to dine out.

The Wisconsin kind of clubbin’

Nothing quite says Wisconsin cuisine like a supper club.

The bloody mary is a revolutionary cocktail

The bloody mary started with simpler Parisian roots before becoming an extravagantly embellished beverage.

From forager to chef-proprietor: how Tami Lax’s background influences her today

It originally wasn't her ambition to pursue a culinary career

The feast of Thanksgiving

The origin story we're all familiar with is a myth

Tale of the cocktail

The roots of current craze go back to prohibition

Despite its English roots, pie has become quintessentially American

I've yet to encounter a pie that I didn't like

The problem with potlucks

Food historian Dan Curd loathes this food ritual

Meet seven of Madison’s local food founders

Writer identifies those who left their mark

Potato chips are America’s homegrown snack

Americans consumer more than 1.5 billion pounds

Madison’s local food pioneers paved the way for today’s dining culture

These individuals left their mark

Reveling in the unfamiliar when it comes to food

Tripe was a risky order, that ended up a favorite

Some restaurants like it hot

Suggestions for those who think spice is nice

Hotel dining has experienced ups and downs throughout the decades

The Gilded Age took dining to new levels

Love it or hate it, mayo is a condiment mainstay

There are plenty of mayo haters out there

Madison restaurants have gambled on change throughout the years

All bets are off when it comes to success

Bacon continues its reign as food’s bad boy

Have Christmas cookies run their sugary course?

Dan Curd says "Bah, Humbug!" to Christmas cookies

From the archive: Shinji Muramoto, the first chef of the year

Dan Curd featured Muramoto in October 2007

Fateful flames: A look back on fires affecting beloved Madison-area eateries

Recent blaze is a solemn reminder of past fires

Rennie’s retrospection: Madison’s first drugstore transformed into a luncheonette

Rennebohm drugstores dominated the market

Wisconsin’s official state grain is a food staple

Corn's history goes back at least 7,000 years

‘Seventy-Ate: Dan Curd looks back on Madison’s dining scene in the ’70s

Restaurants from fond memories

Remembering the drive-in days

It was an era of feeding hungry travelers.

Cajun vs. Creole: A confounding conundrum

What's the difference between the cooking styles?

The flaky tale of the croissant

How the crescent-shaped croissant came about

The start of the coffeehouse

From Ethiopia to Madison, coffee has a long past

Limburger: The cheese that “nose” no equal

Wisconsin is home to one of the last purveyors

Scandinavian heritage reflected in Madison’s cuisine

Scandinavian traditional food here in Madison

Wisconsin’s history of brats, beer and beyond

The German influence on customs, culture and food

Fruitcake: a debatable dessert delicacy

You either love it or hate it!