Bicyclist injured in crash dies

A bicyclist injured in a crash involving a motor vehicle in the 8000 block of Raymond Road on Wednesday has died, according to the Dane County medical examiner.

Police said Emilly Zhu, 23, was on a bike trail and was crossing Raymond Road when she was struck. A nurse who was passing by performed CCR prior to the arrival of first responders.

Zhu was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, and was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. She died Saturday.

The Dane County medical examiner said Zhu died from injuries suffered in the crash.

“There is signage that is there reminding drivers on the street that they need to look in both directions for path traffic,” Madison Pedestrian-Bicycle Coordinator Arthur Ross said. “It’s an intersection just like any other intersection. There are street name signs there so there are a lot of cues that this is a place to expect crossing traffic.”

The man driving the car told police he travels that same route every day to work and didn’t see the biker until it was too late.

The driver told News 3 there are two issues with that road. One is visibility, because he said it is very hard to see the bike path.

He also thinks the speed limit should be reduced. The speed limit is currently 45 miles per hour. The driver said he was going slower than the posted speed and still didn’t have time to stop.

The bike path across Raymond Road was completed in 2013.

Transportation officials said there are stop signs for bikers at the crossing, but police did not know if the bicyclist stopped before crossing the intersection.

No citations have been issued.

Raymond Road between Marty Road and McKee Road was blocked during the investigation.