Beloit College cancels all classes on Election Day

BELOIT, Wis. — All classes have been canceled at Beloit College on Tuesday for Election Day. College leaders view the day as a learning and transformative experience for students.

“Were a college that attracts 18- to 22-year-olds, so it’s really common for students to be voting for the very first time while they’re at Beloit College, and we think it’s important for them to start thinking of voting being a regular part of their lives at Beloit or after Beloit, so developing habits of civil responsibility,” Beloit College President Scott Bierman said.

Bierman sees this as a transformative opportunity students will feel when they fill out their ballots. Other local schools such as Madison College held numerous events to get out the vote but did not cancel classes.

“We think about Why Bother Beloit (voting initiative) not as being a day of canceling classes, it’s really a day where they’re learning about civic engagement in an entirely different way, helping them understand why it’s important for them to vote, why their vote makes a difference, why its a statement about the glory of democracy,” Bierman added.

Students and faculty at Beloit College were thrilled about the day off.

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