Behind the Scenes: Meet Our Stylish City Style Couple

Behind the Scenes: Meet Our Stylish City Style Couple

Not only were June and Nolan Brown up for the challenge of , but this dynamic duo boasts an Army vet and a former model. Read on to read who’s who!

Where are you both from originally?
June: I’m originally from Cuba City (Wisconsin).
Nolan: I’m originally from St. Louis and have been here close to three years. My beautiful girlfriend (and now wife) brought me to the great north!

Tell me a little about what you both do for work.
June: I am a financial advisor for Robert W. Baird. A large portion of my clients have come to me searching for guidance through a life changing transition (death of a loved one, divorce, new marriage or career, et cetera).
Nolan: I am a corporate account manager for OfficeMax. I help companies take a look at what they are spending on print and promotional items and see if I can help save them money and/or streamline their efficiencies.

How are you both involved in the community outside of work?
June: We both play on softball teams and a flag football team for social activities.
I am [also] on the board of directors for the Middleton Chamber of Commerce, the board of directors for the Middleton Community Endowment, a committee member for the Madison Children’s Museum, a community solutions team member for the United Way of Dane County and retention director for the MadCity After Hours Rotary Club.
Nolan: I am an ambassador with the Middleton Chamber and board member for the MadCity After Hours Rotary Club.

How did you two meet?
June: I met Nolan eight years ago when I worked for Edward Jones. I was in St. Louis for a training session and he came over to our group of trainees and asked us if we wanted a tour of the city. We all declined, but he gave everyone his phone number in case we wanted a tour the next time we were in town. Shortly thereafter, I decided to leave Edward Jones. We connected via email twice, but then lost touch for three and a half years, until one day I was going through my phone and decided to send him a text message to see if it was still his number. 

We then connected on Facebook, and started talking on the phone. He flew up to Madison to visit about a month after we reconnected and the rest is history! We flew back and forth every single weekend for a year and a half until he finally made the move to Madison and we got married.

You got married a little over a year ago. Tell us a little about your wedding!
June: My family is huge (forty-two first cousins on my mom’s side, and over twenty-five on my dad’s side), so we decided to do a destination wedding. We chose Oahu, and we were married in a gorgeous glass chapel in Ko Olina on the far west side of the island right on the beach. It was a perfect setting and we were surrounded by all of our loved ones.

June, you were in the army. Can you talk a little about your experiences?
I was in the Army National Guard from 2000-2005. After 9/11, I knew it was a matter of time until we were deployed, although I never imagined our deployment would be so long. I was two weeks into my second semester of my junior year at Edgewood College when we got the call for deployment. My brother and I were both part of the 229 Engineering Co. from Platteville and we were deployed together.

We spent four months at Fort McCoy preparing for our deployment and then spent eleven months overseas in Iraq (from 2003-2004). Our mission was to build the basecamps for the soldiers that were to occupy the country after we left country. We [also] built checkpoints for the Iraqi soldiers and police, so they could lock down the roads and search vehicles, and we patrolled the roads and searched for IEDs as well.

Switching gears—but Nolan, this was not your first modeling experience!
I spent many years doing modeling for print and runway for different department stores and appearing in magazines regionally and nationally throughout the years. I started in the industry at two years old (due to my mom being in the industry) [and was still modeling up] until a few years ago.

Although I did a lot in my modeling career, the most notoriety I got was when I was named Cosmopolitan‘s Most Eligible Bachelor for [the state of] Missouri. Every year they do an issue called Hunks Across the U.S. and I was selected for the state of Missouri. It was a great time promoting the issue in New York City and also in St. Louis, doing interviews and appearances. It’s something to this very day that all of my friends still give me grief about!

What are your favorite summer activities to do in Madison?
June: The farmers’ market is always one of our favorites. Nolan insists on spicy cheese bread almost every Saturday. We also love the Union, but do not get there as much as we would like to.

What are your favorite restaurants, and what do you both like to sip while enjoying your meals?
June: Our new recent find was Quivey’s Grove Friday night fish fry. It was absolutely fantastic, and the atmosphere is unlike any other place in Madison. We are also fans of Francesca’s al Lago. My favorite cocktail is definitely a Brandy Old Fashioned extra sweet, while Nolan’s is a mojito!