Bear-resistant dumpster thwarts bear’s pot store meal

Bear-resistant dumpster thwarts bear’s pot store meal
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A bear tried to get itself a nice dumpster meal last week in Lyons but was left temporarily hungry when it was stopped by a bear-resistant dumpster, KMGH reported.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Northeast Region shared video of the attempted snack heist in Lyons, which happened just after 11 p.m. on July 17, according to the video. The dumpster belonged to a dispensary in Lyons called The Bud Depot.

The bear opened a fence gate and sniffed around the dumpster before standing on its hind legs and moving the entire dumpster back out of the gate.

But it was thwarted by a locking bar that covers the dumpster’s lids and prevents bears and other trash-hungry wildlife from ravaging them.

Parks and Wildlife said the bear received “no reward” for its efforts but remained in the area for about an hour.