Bat tests positive for rabies in McFarland

Animal Services picked bat up Wednesday night, officials say
Bat tests positive for rabies in McFarland

Public Health of Madison and Dane County officials said a bat found in McFarland has tested positive for rabies.

The sick bat was found on the sidewalk near the McFarland House Café on Exchange Street, according to a release.

Public Health officials are looking for anyone who may have had contact with the bat before it was picked up by Animal Services at 7 p.m. Wednesday.

Rabies is spread when the saliva from an infected animal enters another animal via a bite or break in the skin, according to the release. Just walking past a sick bat will not give you rabies, but picking it up or handling it could.

Rabies left untreated is almost 100 percent fatal, officials said.

Public Health officials ask anyone who touched or had contact with the bat to call 608-267-1989. Officials also suggest consulting with a doctor.