Baraboo Police bringing back K-9 program, asking for community donations

Baraboo Police Squad
Courtesy: Baraboo Police Department

BARABOO, Wis. — The Baraboo Police Department says it is bringing back its K-9 program in the new year, and it is asking for donations to help fund it.

The department’s previous dog, Whelen, retired in 2020 after starting with the department in 2010 and helping with finding everything from drugs and evidence to people who were lost.

The department says it has already received pledges for support from local businesses like Deppe Enterprises, Pulse Fitness and Hill Dale Vet, along with the Baraboo Farm and Fleet.

The hope is for the new dog to be on staff by spring 2022. Baraboo police say the dog will be trained in detecting narcotics, tracking people, locating evidence, apprehending suspects, and protecting the handler.

The cost for training the dog at a nationally-recognized kennel is $15,000, according to the department.

Anyone wishing to donate to the program can contact Baraboo Police Chief Mark Schauf or Officer Derek Burch at 608-355-2720.