Baraboo community starts GoFundMe to help beloved school volunteer pay for medical expenses

Grandma Betty

BARABOO, Wis. — A beloved member of the Baraboo School District is dealing with her fifth cancer diagnosis, and the community wants to help.

News 3 Now did a story back in November about Betty Krueger, or “Grandma Betty,” as students in the district have come to call her. She was beyond retirement age when she took a teaching job at the middle school. After retirement, she missed her students. Grandma Betty started to spend most week days at Baraboo High School, supervising the cafeteria and handing out baked goods.

After surviving breast cancer, Grandma Betty was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer.

Baraboo High School police liaison officer Mike Pichler says she’s like everyone’s grandma at the school.

“Most of the time people call her grandma. I don’t remember a time I called her anything else,” said Pichler. “She’s truly the one who will care for everyone at the school. She puts herself last, and everybody else in the building – staff and students included – in front of herself. She’s probably one of the most selfless people I’ve ever met in my life.”

If you’re interested in helping, there’s a GoFundMe page setup to help Grandma Betty pay for medical expenses.